martes, 31 de agosto de 2010


He died DIO, and I believe that it has mattered for nobody. Well, probably yes. Or it will be that we us have got used to dying. Maybe, already he had died it does very much. Since it was touching with Rainbow that topic that I was charmed with,
-Man of the silver mountain - because here in Spain we were a minority that we liked this music. And we were died for many that were looking at us with curiosity. The time happened and that goblin became indispensable in Black Sabbath. Discreet but effective. A good voice to which he dedicated all the time, since it was what mas was mattering for him. I have the sensation that it has gone away discreetly and as Glenn Hudges says, she was the person mas nice that I have never met. Nobody is indispensable certainly. But I have the sensation that us many colleagues die. ........

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